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Event Time and Date

Tuesday, March 21 2017, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Safe Space I is a four hour training that provides and builds upon a firm base of understanding regarding LGBT* identity and experience by:

•Identifying perceptions and bias around issues of sex, sexual identity, and gender identity
•Exploring the evolution and limitation of language and terminology
•Providing information on resources and for referrals on campus and within the community
This training also intentionally highlights the experiences of Queer people of color, Bisexual/Pan/Nonmonosexual, and Trans* spectrum identities

Trainings with an * denotes a 3 hour in person training that comes with a 1 hour online component. The link to complete the training online will be handed out at the end of the in person session.
Spring 2016 Safe Space Offerings:
Please enter your information in the form below to sign up for a training. Locations vary and will be sent in an email confirmation before each training.