Parent Organization: Athletic


Fall 2013 Schedule:

Tuesdays: 7:30p-9:30p (Tournament Class)
Wednesdays: 9:00p-11:00p
Thursdays: 5:00p-7:00p (Curriculum Class)
Saturdays: 12:00p-2:00p (Tournament Class)
Sundays:  1:00p-3:00p (Endurance/Technique/Self-Defense Class)

All classes are held in the 3rd floor Wrestling room of the PE Building behind the Science Library (except Sunday classes which are held in the martial arts room of the PE building). Although we have no monthly dues, doboks are required in order to belt test from white and on and sparring gear is required in order to belt test for green belt and on.

Tournament Schedule
MIT Tournament - Sunday October 20, 2013 - Cambridge, MA
Cornell Tournament - Saturday November 9, 2013 - Ithaca, NY
Princeton Tournament - Sunday March 9, 2014 - Princeton NJ
RPI Tournament - Sunday April 27, 2014 - Troy, NY

Any questions should be directed to one of the current e-board members or instructors.

Current of 2013-2014 E-Board consists of
George Redder  
Vice President: Sean Alvarado
Secretary: Xerxses Morris

Treasurer: Chris Harrison

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Credit for the video goes to the awesome UA Tae Kwon Do alumnus, Alexander Mondo.


UATKD is devoted to cultivating the mind, body, and spirit of its members through rigorous martial arts training and activities such as: -Traditional and Self-defense training -Inter-Collegiate Olympic Style Sparring Competition and-Demonstration Shows  UATKD welcomes people of all levels of experience in any martial art or no experience at all to join us, train with us, and offers belt promotion from white to black belt in a course of three years. For people with Taekwon Do experience, we gladly welcome you and recognize your rank. If your rank is not derived from Tae Kwon Do we still encourage you to join us, but ask that you be open to the ways of Tae Kwon Do and willing to learn from our Instructors.


For more information, please visit and join our facebook page, University at Albany Tae Kwon Do, or email us at