Parent Organization: Athletic


General Information:

If you want to test for a new belt, you must have a uniform. You may use one from a previous school but if you wish to purchase one through us, the cost is $20. Sparring requires protective gear which you can buy through us for $60 or find online / at stores. No profit is made on equipment or uniforms and we do our best to keep costs as low as possible. WE DO NOT PROVIDE A MOUTH GUARD OR A CUP, SO YOU NEED TO FIND THAT SEPARATELY!!!

Cost of belt test will vary based on color or black belt testing, price is used to cover the board(s) that you break as well as your new belt (for black belts, price also covers Kukkiwon certification for your dan). Ask a student officer about specifics for your belt level.

You don't need to come to every class in order to belt test or be considered a member, you do however need to do your best in class on the days that you can come.

Our curriculum is on the documents tab on this page, we ask that you bring the curriculum for your belt level to class in order to make learning (and teaching) easier. This can be done in any way that the file is easily accessible to you. (Print and bring in, save a copy to your phone, etc...)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact an E-Board member.

Current 2016-2017 E-Board consists of:
President: Sarah Farrell
Vice President: Mei Kimura
Secretary: Ashley Feldman
Treasurer: Kevin Zhen

Address PE Building Basement, Bubble
Albany, NY 12222