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Academic Outreach "Uncork Your Genius" (Academic Outreach)

Academic Outreach provides academic support programs and outreach to students living in the residence halls.

Admissions (Undergraduate Admissions)

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Advisement Services Center

The UAlbany Advisement Services Center seeks to contribute to and enhance undergraduate student success by encouraging informed decision-making about academic and career goals in a supportive way.

Advising PLUS

Advising PLUS is the place to go when you aren’t sure where to get what you need to be successful. We will help you pinpoint what will help, and get you connected with the best resource. Come see us today!

African Student Association (ASA)

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote friendship and mutual understanding among African students and all other interested persons, to stimulate intellectual, social and cultural advancement among its members.

Albany Business Leaders Emerging (ABLE)

Welcome to Albany Business Leaders Emerging! Albany Business Leaders Emerging serves as an organization where students can express their leadership qualities, teamwork skills and professional abilities by being positive role models within the community.

Albany Criminal Justice Association/American Correctional Association (ACJA/ACA)

The ACJA/ACA is an undergraduate student organization coupled with the School of Criminal Justice and the American Correctional Association. We hold biweekly meetings with speakers ranging from police and corrections officers to FBI/DHS agents to lawyer

Albany Mentorship Program (AMP)

The Albany Mentorship Program is a student run organization that strives to create opportunity for underclassmen in the business world.

Albany Outreach for Animals (AOA)

We provide information about the impact of the animal agriculture industry on animal suffering, world hunger, exploitation of workers, and environmental degradation. We aim to help students make a difference through informed food and lifestyle choices.

Albany Sports Business Organization (ASBO)

Group dedicated to helping students realize opportunities for careers in sports. Predominately the business side of the sports industry but open to all majors. Focused on helping students get internship experience and network with sporting professionals.

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